Recalibrating Mind, Body & Skin with
natural methods, manual techniques
& a holistic beauty approach

Based in London, I invite you to walk a bit of road together towards a lifestyle more aligned with your physical, energetic and emotional needs while respecting your ecosystem.

This new holistic routine, through naturopathy and / or treatments, will be an opportunity for you to find the fundamental energies that allow the balance and the proper functioning of your inner world. At your own pace, you will be guided to learn and develop better habits in order to optimize your lifestyle and your vitality.
Through a holistic method, I have chosen to work the body in two different but complementary ways. First with naturopathy, working primarily on what we call the "terrain", which is your inner environment and its physiological imbalances.

Secondly by touch and care, because the body accumulates over time numerous blockages, tensions, traumas, which block the energy circulatory flow necessary for the well-being of the body. Massage affects both the body envelope and the nervous system, allowing the body and mind to reconnect. This is a good exercise to learn to let go and come back to yourself in order to refocus on your feelings.

Taking this time for yourself by integrating an hour of relaxation into your routine (weekly or monthly) combined with a better lifestyle, will bring you a considerable change in your daily life.

what clients have to say

Look no further if you're looking for a lymphatic massage that is energising yet super relaxing. Kelly masters the Renata Franca technique. You will leave lighter and calm. Her place is so cosy and welcoming. I can't wait for the next one.
Chloé D.
After just the first session I felt my entire body re-start, and for the first time in weeks, covid fatigue gave way to new-found energy. A couple of sessions in and results were visible: my heavy-prone legs were more defined and I overall felt much lighter and energized in a way that went beyond the physical [...]
Géraldine B.