This treatment is a mix of manual draining, toning and remodelling techniques that has been tailored to leave your body relaxed, toned and lighter right after the treatment. The method combines modern and traditional approaches which deeply work on the layers of the skin in order to re-harmonize and detoxify the whole body. The movements used during the massage stimulate the lymphatic and circulatory systems and support cellular detoxification. After the treatment, the body feels released, the silhouette is naturally reshaped and the mind is restored.

TECHNIQUES INCLUDE  Lymphatic Drainage Massage (Method Renata Franca), Tui Na, Soft Cupping

RECOMMENDED FOR heavy legs, fluid retention, poor skin tone, boosted metabolism, digestion, pre and post-travel, long hours standing or sitting, immunity system boost

CONTRAINDICATIONS 3 first months of pregnancy, thrombosis, phlebitis, infectious diseases (ex toxoplasmosis), cardiovascular conditions

£105 - 45MN - 1/2 zones max
£155 - 75MN - all body



This mix of foot reflexology, abdominal massage and upper body relaxation is the ultimate choice for total restoration. This body focus treatment can restore the circulatory system, boost the metabolism, revitalize the body and relax the nervous system at the same time. It is also a powerful treatment for those who suffer from digestive imbalance and body tension/pain due to chronic stress. A lot of zones and specific points are stimulated during the foot reflexology to release the maximum tension from head to toe. 

TECHNIQUES INCLUDE  Foot Reflexology, Abdominal Massage, Upper Body

RECOMMENDED FOR sluggish digestion & digestive issues, unbalanced energy & fatigue, excessive stress, head-to-toe restoration, metabolism boost, body revitalisation

CONTRAINDICATIONS  pregnancy, phlebitis, thrombosis, foot conditions, injuries and inflammation, recent heart disease (less than 6 months), unstabilised hypertension

£155 - 75MN
£55 - 30MN - add on face


a new holistic routine for
inner health & outer radiance

Reset Combo


The Combo alternates between sessions of lymphatic drainage massage and sessions of remodelling massage (ex the combo of 4 treatments is 2 sessions of DLM and 2 sessions of remodelling).

The Reset Combo Series focuses on the lymphatic system, supporting its natural draining processes, boosting the blood flow, and oxygenating the skin cells + tissues in order to deeply regenerate and re-boost the entire body. The mix of these different massages supports the immune system and the circulatory system, reduces body inflammation and improves the aesthetic aspect of the silhouette. After the treatment, the tensions are released and the body is grounded and lighter.

RECOMMENDED FOR  heavy legs, water retention, exercise recovery, fluid retention, poor skin tone, boosted metabolism, digestion, pre and post-travel, long hours standing or sitting, detox

Note that all packages are valid during 6 months (expires in 180 days after purchase).

4 treatments - 60MN - £580
8 treatments - 60MN - £1120