Sculptural Face Lifting

This facial reformation method boosts all face muscles by an internal and external stimulation of the lower muscles and contours of your face. The combination of these hand-work techniques comprises a series of lifting and stretching movements performed inside the cheeks to better access the muscles, relieving tension that creates expression lines around the areas of the mouth and jawline. It’s a powerful method to stimulate blood flow, oxygenation and facial muscle tone. The rhythm of the movements also allows the drainage of toxins to reveal the freshness of your skin, giving your skin vibrancy and its youthful « bounce ». This deep manual massage gives a general lifting effect to the skin thanks to the natural action of collagen and elastin. This face gym is really addictive.

TECHNIQUES INCLUDE  Sculptural Face Lifting Method, Intra-Buccal Method

RECOMMENDED FOR  improving the elasticity of the skin, strengthening facial muscles, improving blood circulation, reducing expression lines and wrinkles, adding vitality radiance and glow to the skin

£145 - 60MN