Healing isn't linear. There will be moments when the only option is to start from scratch. Begin again as many times as you need to.
Naturopathy is based on natural means that respect your biological functioning, with the aim of preserving and optimizing your health in a global and holistic way. The idea is that we find in nature all the resources we need to keep our bodies energy potential at its highest level.

Our physical, energetic, emotional and mental bodies are constantly evolving in accordance with our environment. This approach is based on the fact that these different dimensions are inseparable from each other and that their balance is the basis of our physical and psychological harmony. In naturopathy, we therefore seek to preserve or restore the balance of all these dimensions in order to maintain our full health.

The absence of disease is not necessarily a sign of good health. We must therefore ensure that we optimize our health of life in a sustainable way while respecting our various biological rhythms, taking into account the vagaries of our modern world. Naturopathy aims to investigate the cause of your internal and external imbalances in order to rebalance the body in a sustainable way. The factors that have led to a non-optimal health through various physical, psychological and/or emotional repercussions (stress, sedentary lifestyle, poor diet...) will be analyzed and reworked in order to give you back all the tools necessary to regain your well-being.

A personalized lifestyle program will be sent to you at the end of our session so that you can take the elements seen together step by step and put them into practice. Various techniques such as the use of plants in different forms and food supplements will be recommended as part of the adapted cure.

Of course, some changes may take time, but what matters is to move together in the right direction.
Food is our number one tool for creating the vibrant health we deserve.
"The food you eat can either be the most powerful form of medicine of the slowest form of poison."
Mind & Emotionnal
The body speaks when the mind is agitated. Considered as a whole its psychic and/or emotional imbalances can affect your physical in more or less important ways.
Movement & Energetic
Our life and energy are guided by movement. Good nutrition alone cannot be optimal health, which is why it is important to reintegrate daily movement through physical activity.
Plants are often used  in naturopathy in the form of cures to overcome certain imbalances and complement the food rebalancing. They come in many forms, such as gemmotherapy, aromatherapy, herbal medicine, etc.

Online Naturopathy Consultation

The purpose of this first consultation is to gain a detailed understanding of your current health status through an exhaustive list of questions. Following this exchange, I'll send you an in-depth and personalized lifestyle program. This program includes specific recommendations for nutrition, lifestyle and naturopathic advice. A 15-minute call (within 72 hours of the session) is also included to discuss and validate the implementation of the proposed points/tips together.

INCLUDE  1h15 of consultation, 1 individualized programme send by email, 15 minutes of a call debrief after the reception

RECOMMENDED FOR  improving your health and lifestyle in general, make you, empower you, working on specific imbalances

£120 - 75MN - Only for french speakers